Fashion designer and creative cutter, graduating from the University of Brighton with a first class honors. infLUX graduate collection was awarded the highly commended Nagoya University prize. Currently working as a pattern cutter in stockholm.


christmas present 2010

So i lost my whole pattern cutting kit on the train on my first day of work and has since felt it harder to cut without my own tools. Tools which have crafted to my hands and have helped me in the last five years of my fashion career.( I actually cried it was such a loss ) So i have felt rather stunted pattern cutting using other tools such a scissors that are pretty useless at cutting anything but paper and blunt tracing wheels. So it was the nicest present today from my boyfriend to receive a new cutting kit including pins,tracing wheel,note pad, pencils etc etc but the best present some kai forged steel shears
  the same model which i cut my thumb off in whilst in N Y earlier this year, which were ingraved with my name on one side and a little poem from Julian ( 

A skillful blade to kiss your cloth,
Always Julian


Sarah Bird Photography exhibition 2010 sneak peak

AW10 shoot for the Brighton fringe festival exhibition photographed by Sarah Bird
and styled by Lauren Eva




Exhibition space Brighton

                    My exhibition space for my graduate collection which took place in June 2010

Louie Banks

Big thankyou To the very talented Louie for my final photoshoot pics !!


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Photograph by Louie Banks
Model Laura clarice Webb