Fashion designer and creative cutter, graduating from the University of Brighton with a first class honors. infLUX graduate collection was awarded the highly commended Nagoya University prize. Currently working as a pattern cutter in stockholm.


competition winner again!

This is a print i did last year which was just hand painted from looking at cells and human anatomy, So i only ended up winning another £300 and having my print put on garments to be sold via the beta fashion website
Im awaiting the press samples of the competiton i won in January i need to photograph them soon. But as always they are late 

Trouser zips

With the long and patient wait for the zip arrival i was able to finish off my trousers- check out the full crotch sexy zip.


I have to big up the incredible Louie Banks who took this amazing picture . I literally jumped out of my seat and couldnt sleep for a few hours because i was so excited You have to check out his work as he has worked with lots of top people and always produces superb shots.


Uni photoshoot- Louie Banks

had one piece from my collection shot for the brighton uni website by Louie banks arrived late ! but all looked bang on. Also had the delight of some illustrator drawing my work double smile



Yehhhhh !! My riri zips finally arived from switzerland - two which havnt come but oh well Now i have the joy of dyeing them to match the fabrics. Well dylon dye didnt work so well ! grey decided to go blue, brown and green.

Stitching the triangles

All the triangles in the trousers have had to be stitched down. Then ecause i didnt want any back stitch on the front of the trousersi had to hand sew each thread end through and tie them on the other side. This took about 4 hours to sew the triangles and tack


Amy came over

Amy sewing her famous leather front shorts. Which probably went from disasterto disaster : ) But all finished and done now